Project Description


A new evaporator line in production, within 3 months

Project Description

Increasing the capacity of the factory involved a couple sub-projects. First of all, the current evaporator had to be replaced as the shell and tube heat exchanger of the current evaporator slowed down the working process. A newer and better model was engineered. Afterwards, the floor was calculated and then appraised by a third party. It turned out the floor was too weak for the new evaporator, hence the floor had to be strengthened. After the completion, the focus was on the software. During the commissioning, the current software did not meet the requirements. Therefore, multiple amendments concerning the software were executed by Intentus Engineering using the Siemens TIA Portal.


In conclusion, the floor was strengthened and a new evaporator was engineered and installed. This project took up a leading time of three months. As a result, the capacity was increased by 20%.