NaOH Dosing System on Gas Scrubber

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Project Description

NAOH Dosing System on Gas Scrubber

Executed within two days

Project Description

The function of the gas scrubber is to “wash” the exhaust gases of the factory. The factory vapors might be acidic. Therefore, the gas scrubber should be dosed with sodium hydroxide solution. A new sodium hydroxide system was installed. This system pumps sodium hydroxide from an IBC (a 1000 liter container, designed for liquids) in the gas scrubber on the basis of two PH measurements in the scrubber. The pumping is done by two dosing pumps.


This new system saves a lot of time for the operators as they no longer have to pour jerry cans of sodium hydroxide solution. Instead, all they have to do is place a double-walled IBC. Because this minimises the chance of getting in contact with caustic soda, the system also improves the safety in the work environment.