Intentus Engineering is a progressive engineering company that operates internationally. Our services help companies around the world solve complex engineering issues. We pull this off with an enthusiastic and dynamic club of flexible, entrepreneurial and customer-oriented professionals. To deliver an excellent project, we aim for the most ambitious product while ensuring clear and transparent communication, safety and quality. With years of experience, passion for engineering and many happy customers, we make the difference.

Mission statement

Building better and smarter solutions. That’s what we’re committed to day in and day out. We strive to deliver companies with complex engineering issues excellent solutions while meeting deadlines and budgets. In doing so, we encourage a positive and motivating work atmosphere.


We believe in a world where processes run optimally. We are happy to contribute to this with our services. To increase the quality and speed of engineering projects, we set ambitious and realistic goals. In doing so, we put efficiency and employee satisfaction first.
With a wide range 
of engineering experience and excellent planning and organizational skills, we aim to be responsible, competent and inspiring project leaders.

Key values

Dedicated | As experienced professionals, we are dedicated to our craft. We make sure you’re aiming for the most ambitious product and having the experience of professionalism while working with us.

Helpful | As your passionate partner, together we’ll take on the quests and adventures for your company to grow, to help you achieve the goals you’ve set for the future.

Sustainable | Our choice is always the most sustainable option. In this way, together we contribute to a better world.

Optimistic | We spot opportunities, lead with optimism and encourage a positive work atmosphere.


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